BC Designs. Ben designed all of my CD covers. He's a great friend and a great designer. Be sure to check out his games and cards and beautiful jewelry, too. (Hey- who's this guy LeGrange?)

Numbers League.This is the iPad game that Ben and I designed. Kids love to play it and have no idea they're becoming arithmetic aces! I did the music, too, which was part of the inspiration for the upcoming Cane Bay Cabaret album.

CD Baby. These are the heroes of the independent music world. These folks are devoted to doing right by musicians, and are providing an incredible service against impossible odds. Go there, browse, and buy some albums- you will be supporting independent musicians and independent music.

Old Man Kelly. Writer of classic timeless songs, charismatic band leader. See this guy in any of his many musical combinations.

Black Twig Pickers. Our local music at it's finest. These guys rock.

Philip Aaberg. If you like solo piano music and don't know his stuff, do yourself a favor and pick some up. Phil is my favorite pianist, period.

Crowfoot. Ridiculously beautiful Canadian style celtic music.

Garland of Hours. Amy Domingues' classical, medieval, and punk music sensibilities blend effortlessly on the soundest serum. Her cello and piano playing are more haunting than ever. Every time the album finishes, I just press play again.

Danny Phillips. Danny is an amazing artist. While I love his individual pieces, it takes becoming familiar with lots of his work to really appreciate his expression. A long browse through his gallery is like an Italo Calvino book come to life.

Artic Mist. My friend and fellow keyboardist Jorge Sergio listens to everything under the sun and plays some of the best of it for you here. If you are a Vangelis/Mike Oldfield fan, be sure to listen to Jorge's own stuff.