I like learning what folks are listening to. In case you do too, here's a bit of what I listen to. These were on heavy rotation around the time I was making Music of the Extraordinary Voyages.

Kill To Get Crimson - Mark Knopfler
A tour-de-force of quiet great songs. There's never a time I don't want to listen to this.

The Last Ship - Sting
My favorite of Sting's work ever. Beautifully crafted songs that powerfully depict the world of his childhood.

No Line On The Horizon - U2
This one is my new favorite of U2's. I'm a huge fan, so was not easily swayed, but this album grabbed me hard right from the start.

Anybody's Guess - Elixir
I got to help out on the production of this record- great friends and great musicians, so it was an opportunity I relished! It came out great- have a listen! (I also got to play a bit of Fender Rhodes, which was a blast.)

Unruly Heart - Ari & Mia
More traditional music friends, fantastic songwriting and playing. I'm currently getting to know their current album, but only after a couple of years of many plays of this one.

Marche Du St. Laurent - Tidal Wave (Raz De Marée)
Raucous and beautiful Canadian celtic music. When it's cold out, put this on for some sunshine inside.

Songs, Stories, Shanties and Shenanigans - Old Man Kelly
Great songs from a honky-tonk background, with some cajun and some heart-breaking waltzes thrown in. By third or fourth listen, I felt like I'd known these songs my whole life.

Jack Rose & The Black Twig Pickers - The Black Twig Pickers
These guys simply rock the house. They've yet to make a recording I didn't love, but I got this one first, and I still always reach for it first...

From All Sides - Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete
I love everything Vince ever recorded. This collaboration with Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete is crazy playful, light, and fun.

Get Lucky - Mark Knopfler
Another Knopfler release that got to spinning over and over. Great songs, great sound.

To See You - Harry Connick, Jr.
This guy's got so many different styles to choose from it's hard to compare some of his albums. He's such a great piano player that I can't help but love his jamming piano albums, but over the years this one has risen to the top for me. It's predominantly quiet and slow, but with some incredible high points. Stunning one-of-a-kind arrangements and performances, but also some very original songwriting. There are few songs being written today that both resemble and stand up to the quality of the standards- here they are.

Foxtrot - Genesis
I once again rediscovered this album after not listening for years. There's nothing, nothing at all, like old Genesis.