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matthew labarge, larkenlyre, and cane bay cabaret
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Please join my mail list for very occasional announcements regarding releases or performances. I'm a firm opponent of unsolicited email, and will not ever share the addresses on this list.
——————   Sheet Music   ——————

Most of the music I've recorded has lived either solely in my head or on partially legible chickenscratch on homemade staff paper. Converting it to professional looking scores is a time consuming effort, so I haven't done it for many pieces: just the pieces that people have requested specifically. If you'd like a title you don't see here, please let me know via email.

——————   Downloads   ——————

From First Fall Night:
From In Small Hours:
From October:
From Spiriti:
From the Larkenlyre album Music of the Extraordinary Voyages:
Track 4 - Island Trance (Score and parts for 8 percussionists)

From the Larkenlyre album Omnia:
From Music from the Long Quiet:
From My Hands Made a Harp:
From the Larkenlyre EP Quiet Like Snow:
From the Cane Bay Cabaret album Cane Bay Cabaret:
——————   Booklets   ——————

I've got two booklets available by mail.

Three Love Songs contains the Love Song pieces (the last tracks) from First Fall Night, In Small Hours, and October.

Twelve Pieces For Solo Piano is a small collection of pieces that are a bit more dissonant than most of my recorded music. That said, five of them found their way onto In Small Hours.

The booklets are available on my CGM order forms.

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